What makes an excellent truck driver?

First of all we are all the same with one goal in mind is to make really good money, provide for our families or perhaps enjoy the open road or have taken on trucking as a form of extra income during your retirement years.

As trucking constantly changes with no nonsense U.S. government mandated laws, increasing tolls, labor cost for loading and unloading, Companies not being compliant in the truth and federal leasing laws Title 49  C.F.R. 376.11 it makes the driver harder to earn top notch income.

Keep in mind that you the driver are gone out on the road sometimes for 3 months at a time missing your son or daughters school events while on the other hand company employes go home to see their family every single night or work from home because of covid

You have brokers skimming off the fuel surcharge that you are paying for.

You have carriers (companies) skimming off your bottom line.

There is no transparency anymore when it comes to you getting paid.

The best suggestion we can give you if you are thinking about becoming a truck driver note your true worth, years of experience, safety record and most of importance a contract between you and your company is legitimate in all deductions, transparency.

Be real carful going to work for any company paying you less then $ 4.00 per mile including fuel surcharge or better.    You have expenses: truck insurance, Health insurance, workmen’s comp, fuel expenses, breakdowns, maintenance Atlas Van Lines trade shows out of Evansville, Indiana only pays you $1.96 per mile including fuel surcharges. We are in 2023 eggs are 6.00 per gallon, do I need to say more!

So if you follow all of these guidelines and suggestions this would make you an excellent truck driver that knows his expenses, safety record and truly enjoys his job

As always drive safe.
Remember with all of us we can change the industry.