Invest In Your Future

As a truckdriver especially the younger generation starting out, It is very important to think of your future. Truck driving can be very hard on your body and mind it is not something you want to do when you are in your retirement years, start investing young, Plan your retirement.

ROTH-IRA and what is it: This is an individual retirement account that offers you tax free growth and tax free withdraws in your retirement years, if you have owned these for 5 years or more and you are 59 ½ years or older to withdraw federal tax-free, you initially pay the taxes prior to you putting money into a Roth-IRA normally 6.000. per year based on your gross income. So, if you can afford to contribute 500.00 per month you possibly could see yourself retiring if you made the right investments. There are many free tools online to research companies that have been around for a wile and that pay a dividend, and these are re-invested and allow your portfolio to grow.

SEP-IRA and what is it: Typically, between the ROTH-IRA they are like the same on how much you can contribute between them too. a SEP-IRA is taxed allow you to start taking with-draws but if you draw them out before 59 ½ they are subject to a 10 percent tax penalty, the major benefits are on both, you contribute every year your investments grow with long-term dividend paying stocks.

A few stocks we like for long term growth are Ford which hovers around 12.28 per share and has a dividend yield of 4.88 per share.

Caterpillar (cat) which currently trades at 248.00 per share has a dividend yield of 1.93 percent.

Eli Lilly & Company (LLY) currently trades at 312.42 per share has a dividend yield of 1.45 percent.

Altria Group Inc (MO) currently trades for 46.27 per share has a dividend rate of a whopping 8.3 percent. All these stocks are great start for someone starting out investing in their future, there are many other stocks out there that pay dividends as well, look at their yearly profits, debt and longevity

One other way to invest in your future is to open up a Annuity that guarantees you a fixed income but generally requires a large sum of money, normally the first stage is accumulation and is a signed contract, these contracts can be complex, making it difficult to grasp the ins and outs of what will happen with your money, you can also choose a variable annuity which can be much more riskier, these types of accounts also come with annual administration fees and maintenance fees.

Digital investments (cryptocurrency)  can offer investors diversification from traditional financial assets such as stocks and bonds, silver and gold but can be very volatile,  but can be very gainful, a private investor invested 100.00 in Shiba Inu cryptocurrency when they first launched in August of 2020, the meme coin only traded for around 0.000000051 per token, now that investment would be worth a astonishing $2,845,098.04 In October at its all time peak a $100 would have been worth around 16,470,588,25

Invest in your future in a Roth-Ira, Sep—Ira a good choice would be TD-Ameri-trade which offer free trading on most stocks

To invest in digital currency, we recommend Coinbase through this link. or sign up with Moomoo deposit hundred dollars using the referral and get free shares

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Another great platform is WEBULL which another great platform that has free trading of stocks with no account minimums, they even allow you to purchase a fraction of a shares and who doesn’t like free stocks invest in your future with this link

your future matters and it is very important to invest in your future to enjoy your golden years whether you are staring out small or large, start out young investing and don’t touch it

Set your goals and stick with it, the only one that cares about your future is you, remember these are only suggestions, you make your own decision, invest in you.