Truck Parking & Tolls

Many of us has had to pay for parking in advance especially if we know we are getting in late. There are some advantages, one is knowing you have a place to park for evening the disadvantage is this can eat into your profits especially when you just shelled out $230.00 in tolls. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find any parking any where if you have not planned according.   One thing is for sure company trucks or independent contractors should not be paying for any parking and tolls, this all should be billed to the consumer as part as the contract to ship.     Many carriers could care less about your bottom-line!

Many Truck stops such as TA, Petro, Flying-j, Loves, pilot all seem to have high prices when it comes to fuel, groceries, Truck supplies, repair shop and even parking being as high as 25.00 per night. Most of the larger truck stops are controlled by their corporate offices including prices. We find that the smaller truck stops are cheaper in fuel and some even have the small mom and pop restaurants with home cooked meals.

Some cities do not even want any truck stops built in their cities, why?


  • It can elevate truck traffic during rush hour if a driver has to deliver within the city
  • On time delivery’s
  • Less environmental impact
  • Allowing more hours to deliver once loaded providing delivery or pickup was performed in a timely matter.

Drivers what some of your thoughts in Truck Parking & Tolls?