True Legends  Of The Highway (Truck Drivers)


Truck Drivers have been around for many years delivering goods all the way back to the late 1800s when the first internal combustion engine was put in a truck by Karl Benze prior to that date the engines ran on steam.

The backbone of our countries goods our delivered by truck drivers, in our eyes they are true legends, during the pandemic truck drivers delivered our goods so that you and I could survive and should all be recognized as heroes, during the pandemic you heard on the news every once in a while “ Thank You To All The Truck Drivers” and although that was good to hear but during that time and still today many trucking companies and carriers bleed into the drivers pockets by taking from their pockets and truly do not understand that with out them they would not have a job.

Just imagine one day you could not get any medical help for your grand parents or kids because there are no supplies, you can’t go to the grocery store because you have no gas or the stores are empty. The true hero is your truck driver that helps you to sustain life.



You see Truck Drivers on the roads day and night at all hours working longer then their 14 hour day allows, to deliver shipments, todays truck are more comfortable for their drivers and some even have showers, stoves, large sleeping quarters, many truck drivers work excessive hours and spend long times away from their families, if you enjoy that kind of thing then jump right in.

But we warn you do not pull for any corporate company; you will have no decision making or benefits.

The trucking industry continues to grow with more and more trucking companies coming on board but choose wisely and stay away from the  big carriers as they only have one goal in mind, Their own pocket book.

Just imagine all trucks stopped for one week.

The ramifications would be so intense, hospitals would run out of supplies and could not care for patients, relief workers during a natural disaster could not supply bottled water or other necessities

So, take note carriers and trucking companies pay your drivers extremely well and for god sakes follow the Truth in Federal Leasing Laws, we have written about this in another blog

In 1995 congress passed the interstate commerce commission to be terminated which abolished the commission and transferred its responsibility for regulating motor carriers to the department of transportation in addition the act made private parties the primary vehicle for enforcement of the truth and federal leasing regulations by creating a private right of action through which owner operators can obtain injunction and monetary relief for violations of the truth in federal leasing. Forcing the motor carrier to pay for all reasonable attorney fees code 49 U.S.C.  14704

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