Def Systems Vs Old School Engines


First of all older engines ran much cooler and didn’t have all the junk newer engines have on them today. and the older engines were simple to work on.

Def engines are still in experimental stages while the truck driver has to pay for computer hook ups from expensive Truck Dealerships like Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Volvo most of the time these Def engines fail because of sensors or injector failures, most dealers will charge the truck driver for what they think is failed component. We have seen dealerships charge for several failed components because they were not sure of what part to replace.

a supplemental diesel injector after the exhaust side of the turbo is used to inject fuel in the exhaust and heat up the cat and particulate filter for “regeneration”. If that fails, the DEF system fails. Yes, it injects extra diesel straight into the exhaust, which costs you mpg on top of the cost of DEF fluid, these engines are a joke, the one thing you will also notice that most engines with def travel less miles before a overhaul is needed, during the parked regen these can get as hot as 2800 degrees possibly melting the asphalt or catching the truck on fire.

The State of California are the ones that created this mess with EPA rules and is now saying by 2035 they no longer will allow gasoline automobiles or trucks into their state, California should have taken a different approach by allowing an older truck to enter their state if they had an environmentally friendly generator. But who wants to deliver or pick up any goods in the state of California with their stringent rules?

Let’s point out some funny and strange laws in some of the cities in California.

Los Angeles:       it is against the law to complain through the mail that a hotel has cockroaches , even if it is true

It is illegal to cry on the witness stand.

It is against the law to lick a toad.

Frisbees thrown in Los Angeles County at the beaches must get lifeguards permission.

A dog must be 500 yards from a church before mating

You can not hunt moths under a streetlight.

San Francisco:

It is illegal to store anything other then you car in your garage

In San Francisco, any person classified as “ugly” may not legally walk down any street.

California has forced many small trucking business out of business because there silly laws including not allowing truck engines pre-2006 into their state unless they are willing to shell out $20,000.00 or more to implement them with a DEF system.

Truck drivers are the back bone of America bringing you clothing, food, cars ,building materials and so much more, next time you are out driving give them a little respect or a wave while on the road, their not your enemies but only providing a service to you.


Truckers of America