Truckers Music and Movies

Sit back and relax to some of the best trucking songs of all time, we have to credit some music artist, many of these modern day cowboys drove a truck and tell stories that will make your heart sink, Many of these musicians date back as far as the 50s.

Starting out with Dave Logins original became Alabama’s number one hit in 1984, as the story goes, a trucker is on his way home to his wife and kids when he jackknifes in a snowstorm but at the end of the song she receives a phone call, He is on his way back home, they all sing “keep rolling on”

Several songs if you have never listened to is by Red Sovine , born as Woodrow Wilson Sovine but everyone called him, Red.   “Giddyup go” and “Teddy Bear” “Phantom 309” was on the number one charts.

Just listen and hear the words to Teddy Bear, the song begins :

I was on the outskirts of a little southern town
Tryin’ to reach my destination before the sun went down

The old CB was blarin’ away on channel 1-9!
When there came a little boy’s voice on the radio line.

When you listen to the song completely it will surely put tears in your eyes.



Giddyup go, starts out:

The highways that wind and wander over mountain and valleys deserts and plains
I guess I’ve drove about all of ’em
Cause for the past 25 years now the cab of a truck has been my home
And it’d be kinda hard for me to settle down and not be on the go
Why I remember the first truck I drove
I was so proud I could hardly wait to get home to show my wife and my little boy
And my little boy was so excited like so when he saw his first snow
He wasn’t old enough to say too many words
He just kept hollering goddyup go daddy giddyup go

If you never listened to these songs, we encourage you to do so.

Who could forget “6 days on the road” by Dave Dudley, he also brought us another truck driving memorable song “Truck Driving Son of A Gun”

“East Bound and Down” by Jerry Reed, we all have seen the movie “Smokey and The Bandit.”

We cannot forget to credit “Prisoner Of The Highway” by Ronnie Milsap “Highway Junkie” by Randy Travis. “On The Road Again” by Willie Nelson “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash. “Roll On Big Mama” by Joe Stampley “This Is How We Roll” by Florida Georgia Line.

Tv Hit- Series BJ and the Bear

Was about An truck driver and his beloved pet chimpanzee, as the to travel across the country various adventures and misadventures along the way, was quite comical.

Now let’s talk about truck driving movies:

Black Dog/1998

Having a suspended license, ex-convict truck driver makes one last haul, this movie also has everything you could ask for, from hauling illegal guns, Meat Loaf and Randy Travis co-star in this all-out action film with explosions and some good truck driving skills.

Thunder Run/1985

Charlie, a Korean war veteran, is driving a truck while transporting plutonium from Nevada to Arizona and terrorist are trying to steal the stuff

Smokey and the Bandit/1997

Was a box office hit in the 70s, an all-star cast, Burt Reynolds, Sally Fields, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reid. When man meets woman, they decide to transport alcohol across state lines and who could forget the cool 1977 black T-top trans am with gold lettering, which was sold at auction in to 2014 for $500,000.00.

0ver The Top/1987

Starring Sylvester Stallone, steps away from the boxing ring to take on world arm wrestling championships being a tough father and trucker, starring as Lincoln Hawk works to keep his life together in pursuit of building a relationship with his son and the arm-wrestling glory.


Starring, Chuck Norris, played as J.D.  searching for his trucker brother that has gone missing, Chuck and the truckers tear down the town and the shady judge behind his disappearance.


C.W. McCall, which was a hit song, tells the story of truckers joining forces against the laws long arm, Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw, this comedy CB- shorthand Movie, travelling across Arizona, New-Mexico, Texas

Maximum Overdrive/ 1986

Is a movie involving trucks and cars written by Stephen King, the trucks come to life and attack humanity, there have been talks about remaking this movie but much better.

Big Rig/2007

Is an documentary film about real life truck drivers, their cultures, struggles, lifestyles, real life stores no actors only the real life legend truck drivers that tell their stories.

We hope you enjoyed these legendary songs and movies, if you have a few of your favorites or ones that we didn’t mention, comment below.

Remember Truck Drivers your trucking company must be 100 percent compliant with the Truth and Federal leasing Laws Title 49 C.FR. 376.11 & 376.12

And if you are A Trucking Company, be better than the rest and pay your drivers more.

As always, you are the legends of the road.

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