Time To Rate Your Trucking Company

To help your fellow drivers, we have compiled a list of trucking companies that have the worst pay in the trucking industry either by not following truth and federal leasing guidelines, no home time, work you long hours in excess of the 14 hr. rule mandated by our government, or force you to purchase or rent equipment upon entering a lease aggreement or do not provide you with the billed out freight bill, or have horrible pay, or maybe you have something good to say about the trucking company, anything under 4.00 per mile is garbage.

We would love for you to rate theses Trucking Companies from 1-5

If your Trucking Company is not on the list, simply add them.

1 being the worst to 5 being the best overall and tell us why?

You may comment anonymous, many trucking companies rate you on performance!

Do they follow the Truth and federal leasing laws C.F.R. 376.11

It is time to take a stand and rate the trucking companies!


Many Trucking Companies today have forgotten about their drivers, The Pay is not as it is cracked out to be.

So many Trucking Companies take advantage of their drivers either by skimming off the top of their fuel surcharge or paying them not of 100 percent

Many company truck drivers earn as little as 0.65 cent per mile by the time you figure out expenses like meals, taxes, and any other deductions you will be lucky to clear around 900 to 1100 per week.

As far as owner operators your expenses go up considerably, you have fuel cost, insurance, truck repairs, workmen’s comp, truck payments, maintenance , tires, brakes, the list goes on.

May Jesus provide you safe travels.