Truck Driving School

Have you ever heard of the saying?  We will train  you to become a truck driver!

Yes there are plenty of schools out their that will train you to be a truck driver.

But what they will not do is make sure the company you are going to work is in compliant with Title 49 C.F.R 376.12 or .11 Most carriers will pay the truck driving schools a set amount for each driver they train and send there way. Oh and yes they will all promise you the world that you can earn around 1400.00 to 1800.00 before taxes. What they fail to tell you is that does not include your fuel, truck payment, Insurance, truck repairs, maintenance and so on.

If you are not making above 4500.00 per week based on 2000 miles per week, (freight only) You will live paycheck to paycheck and like we said before never trust working for a broker.

Companies like tier one, charter, tmm carriers will all not be honest when offering you the job as a driver on the true discount on what the job was accepted for. Another words expect to be robbed of your fuel surcharge and extras and transportation.

The age requirements for diving a truck was 24 now because of a shortage they have dropped the age to 21 for Interstate and in most states to the age of 18 within their state, this is because companies have long robbed from the truck driver when it comes to contracts and pay they figure if they put a younger person in as a truck driver there knowledge on bookkeeping and actual cost to operate a truck will be very limited and companies will more than likely take advantage of you.

Did you know that if you pick-up a sealed trailer and later you find out it is overweight at a DOT scale, The company that loaded the trailer is ultimately responsible for any fines that you occur.

Know Your Laws to Protect You

Title 49 CFR 376.11leasingrequirements