Driverless Trucks

Technology is ever advancing.  Soon you may not have a job as a truck driver, Companies like Kodiak are trying to perfect a driverless truck that can handle all turns, weather, docks, neighborhoods, etc.

This is a bad idea  and would take millions of jobs away from the independent truck driver, Just imagine you are driving down the road next to one of these eighty thousand pound rigs and there is a failure in the brakes, tire blow out, a plastic bag or trash fly’s in the air to cover up a sensitive sensor, say good bye to your family especially if you are driving todays plastic cars.

Any and all autonomous  trucking companies should be shut down and put out of business, The safest way to drive a semi is to have a driver in it, have these companies lost their minds? Just another way to tell you as a driver, “we do not need you” No autonomous truck should ever be allowed on the road.  It takes away from the hard-working class American jobs. When they get sued from a carless act of computer failure for billions of dollars, maybe then and only then we they think it was a bad idea.

Drivers what are your thoughts on driverless trucks, comment down below!

When it comes to safety the truck driver is the safest driver on the road, what needs to happen is when the regular person goes and get his or her license, they should have to drive a semi in a vacant lot avoiding cones, obstacles to see what is really like driving a semi and behind the wheel.

Are all the technicians properly trained to handle an autonomous truck that would need to service, and D.O.T inspections, I would say not most of them always do guess work and start replacing parts on your dime especially when it comes to electronics, def, sensors.

Our point of view and past experience in taking your truck to a dealership!

Most dealerships charge an outrageous hourly rate to do anything on your truck even hooking up to the computer because they have no idea on how to fix it unless told by a computer on how to fix the problem, which is not always right. You want our advice do a little research on google, Look at small truck repair shops online.

Look at their ratings, hourly rates, talk to them on the phone. Most of the time you will find that the small shops are more affordable and, in most cases, can get you in and out of the shop must faster, sometimes you may have to take your truck to a dealership but avoid them at all cost.

Remember without the truck driver the public would have nothing.

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