Truck Driving Skills Vs Motor Cars

Trucks as we know today for the most part are paid professional drivers and are safer today vs 40 years ago. According to AAA there are far more motor vehicle accident then there are trucks but when it happens it can sometimes lead to fatalities but mostly from someone that is driving a motor car, keep in mind when you have an 80,000.00 LB tractor trailer coming at you at full force your chance of survival is slim to none.

Have you ever watched motor cars when merging on to a highway do not use their turn signals or even know how to yield, it is not the responsibility of a highway user where it is a car or a truck to yield to someone coming on the freeway. You only may to choose to do this out of courteous, many car drivers or even truck drivers assume it is the responsibility of the one that is on the highway to move over.

Most trucks need extra space to turn wide especially on a right turn and can not stop on a dime, As drivers of the road we all must respect each other big or small but on the other hand we all have to follow the rules for safety, Most semis today carrier dash cams for one reason to protect themselves from careless drivers and are also subject to a shop dot (safety Inspection)  on the other hand most motor cars do not. Some companies like Wheaton Van Lines require their drivers to get four safety inspections per year and don’t even pay for any of them, when the department of transportation only requires one per regulations.

Now let’s talk about some of these big trucking companies that will call the dealers or shops to bypass a safety issue because they are in a hurry to get a shipment delivered or ask the driver to deliver it anyway putting the driver’s job at risk, these are the very same companies that pay their drivers cheap and can’t afford to fix anything. Think about this how many accidents were due to a safety violation? Although something can fail even after it is inspected but when a company ask the driver to ignore or wait to get something fix, they do not have the public’s safety in mind.

Truck drivers it is time to expose these companies that ask you to take short cuts when it comes to repairs, record them in conversation also mentioned while you are recording them, “you will not have any public liability” because they may have threatened you about losing your job.

Do everything you can drivers to protect yourself because there is not a company out there that truly cares about you or if there is they are few and far between.

Remember one other thing motor car.

  • You are driving along, a truck gets in the left lane, was he getting over to be courteous for someone entering the highway?
  • Was he getting over because of construction as his lane is closed ahead?
  • Was he moving over for a tow truck or police officer on the side of the road?
  • Or are you exceeding the speed limit?
  • Or do you have be to work in 10 minutes, knowing you have 50 miles to get to work?
  • Never assume!

Remember drivers, say no to cheap freight.

Always be courteous on the road.

Stay Safe.