The Pros and Cons of Being a Truck Driver (The good the bad the ugly )

First of all if you have a family then this job is not for you.

Pros of being a truck driver:

There is nothing more enjoyable then being your own boss and traveling the open road.

Let me tell you, there is plenty of time to think behind the wheel.

Cons of being a truck driver:  As you can see the cons out way the pros.

If you have a family, husband, wife, friends, be prepared to be away from them a very long time, yes you may be able to converse with them via phone, email but there is nothing more important than seeing your son or daughters graduation or any family event.

You will be forced to make split decisions while driving to avoid accidents and contend with bad weather, snow, ice.

You will have to put up with corporate companies that may or may not think they control you.

On many occasions you will have trouble finding a safe place to park your rig for the night or even pay to park with companies not reimbursing you to park

You will have to contend with dispatch in trying to offer you cheap loads ( just say no)

Dishonesty in the relationships between you and your company you choose to work for are normal practice and you should think twice.

Most companies’ 99.999 percent will not be compliant with The Truth and Federal Leasing Laws Title 49 C.F.R 376.11 as we mentioned in another article

The good days are gone in trucker freedom with over regulated US government regulations.

If your in the moving business ,yes you can make a little more money but believe me with most carriers having their own tariffs it is hard to make good money year round. Do Not Ever Work for United Van Lines they are known for there big discounts off the move which leaves the driver any room to make money.

Most important never trust any trucking broker.

Think Twice before becoming a truck driver

Never underestimate The Power we have

Say No To Cheap Loads