You’re Time Matters

Everyone is always in a hurry to receive their goods but how many are really in a hurry to unload or load you when you arrive.

I am sure that every truck driver has experienced the delay in loading or unloading but what big thanks do you really get when you arrive early.  You may have to wait for sometimes 2 hours or even eight hours or longer. Your time is valuable, and you expect to get paid while waiting, this is a another problem in the trucking industry, You should get paid for waiting as you may have another load to pick up and may lose it if you can not make your next appointment.

Our thoughts!  Drivers should be paid while waiting a reasonable income per hour for waiting. You and I both know if the shoe was on the other foot, they would want to charge you if you were late! On the other hand, if weather is permitting you from being on time that is another story. Trucking Industry today is set up for the carrier’s benefits. Think twice before you think about becoming a truck driver unless you have a straightforward contract and everything is laid out in black and white. Back in the  80’s and 90’s trucking was fun, relaxed rules, everyone respected truck drivers and you go into any truck stop and ask for a wakeup call and they would knock on your door in the morning to wake you up, fuel was 0.70 per gallon, most truck stops would give you a free shower regardless if you got fuel, the food in the restaurants was home cooked and most times you could get a free cup of coffee, boy times have changed, regulation, paid parking, tolls and no significant increase in wages.

Yes, the cost of goods would be more, there would be fewer trucking companies trying to take short cuts on getting things fixed.

Without Trucks, America Stops

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