Brokers and Large carriers

If truck driving is in your blood or if you are thinking about becoming a truck driver, never ever work for a large carrier, moving company, or freight company.

Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • The contract you may have with them may not be following the truth and federal leasing laws.
  • There will be admin fees that are not necessary.
  • If you work for a moving company some accounts will deduct move management fees from your earnings, even though you are the one managing your crew (labor)
  • Many brokers are not transparent in the actual charges that were billed to the customer after offering you the load or even before.
  • Many accounts, for example such as consumer relocation deduct a total of 12 percent before the discount of a move off everything including your fuel surcharge which is basically an illegal kick back to the account from the carrier.
  • Many other accounts have similar structures in play with accounts.
  • Whether you are working for a small company or large carrier, we can almost guarantee you if you are getting paid commission or mileage, you are not working off 100 percent, many large carriers skim off the top of the 100 percent any where from 10 to 25 percent then distribute your mileage or commission based on the lesser amount.
  • Many large carriers decided to make the adjusted fuel surcharges that are adjusted by the dept. of energy the 15th of each month on the net charges of the bill instead of the total charges, think about this if 10 to 25 percent is coming off the top before you get your money, where is the rest of the fuel surcharge going? The carrier’s pocket!
  • This is almost a full guarantee that the large carrier or freight company will have a contract that is so long and very much with trickery words written in them.
  • You will be treated as a number or a robot, not a person!
  • You will have no choice in the loads you haul or if you do have a choice, they all will make you sit or not offer you any return trips.
  • Many large carriers will never ever make any changes that would benefit you, the driver.
  • Some large carriers will want 3 to 4 DOT inspections per year, when the Dot requirement is once per year.
  • Overall large Freight Trucking companies as well as large Moving Companies are just a bad idea, stick with a small trucking company that caters to your needs and your success.
  • Stay safe, drive safe.Truckersword.comSay no to large trucking companies.
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