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Are a Scam, it is time to strike


Many companies today that paid well in the years past have long gone away.

Trucking companies force you to purchase there eld or trucking Insurance or require you to paint your truck their colors and do not pay for it did you know that in doing so many are in violation of title 49C.F.R 376.12 these laws were written in the 80s to protect the independent contractor from fraudulent trucking companies.

Key Factors we would like to point out: (specified in the truth in federal leasing laws:

Upon you as the driver sending in the paperwork, your company has only 15 days (about 2 weeks) to settle, and most trucking companies will take their sweet @ss time in paying you instead of paying you within 3 business days to retain drivers.

If at anytime are required to maintain a escrow, upon leaving your company was return this to you within 45 days (about 1 and a half months), no if ands or butts, another key factor is your trucking company must provide you quarterly statements along with interest earned from the us treasury securities failing to do so a federal court may impose huge fines and you may be able to set your own interest rates.

Here is an especially important key factor the company must provide you (the driver) with a computer-generated statement and- or a completed billed freight bill, why do you think this was put in place? The answer is simple: it is not one of the same, so if the trucking companies

does not provide this to you, they may be hiding something and or they are skimming off the top and is not one of the same, we all know the cost of goods have increased, labor, fuel, tires, shop repairs but who do you think is profiting from the sky rocketing inflation cost, it is not the truck driver, it is the trucking company

Another key factor is if you must purchase your own plate and decide to leave a company, the company must provide you with credit for the unused portion of the plate.

If you are in the household division, run up and down stairs go into subdivisions this to is not at all worth doing as it was back in the day, government loads, moving for the military is heavily discounted, broker companies like Tier one relocation, total move management, charter will not provide the drivers copies of the government bill of lading prior of accepting the job because they also skim off your fuel surcharge, line-haul, extras, etc.

Are you deciding to deliver freight? If so, this is not a wise decision, the industry has been bombarded with fly by night companies and trucking companies that could care less about your well-being, safety and whether you are making money.

There is going to come a time when drivers are going to say enough is enough with all the government regulations that lobbying is trying to pass. Speed- limiters, automatic braking systems. Drivers keep letting the trucking companies and government run all over you. Are you truly an independent driver or is it, you do not have the guts to stand up and fight. Do you realize that just one week of shutting down can benefit you?

Ps drive safe and stand up. follow us