Dash Cams, A Must Have

Dash Cams, A Must Have

We are sure everyone is familiar with, Hey it’s not my fault!

An dash camera is important for every trucker to have, it not only protects your license, it can also help in fighting claims with your insurance company or against the person that hit you, These handy devices record everything that happens on the road and even while you are parked and not in the vehicle, How many times has another trucker or car hit your vehicle while in a Truckstop while you are eating and bailed, you will be alarmed on how many times this happens.

These handy devices have become quite popular especially when it comes to truckers, they can also be quite handy when it comes to road rage, recording the incident.

Advantages of a dash cam

With a dash cam you will have first evidence of an accident, maybe even capture one far ahead of you, simply put these handy devices start recording the minute you start the vehicle or can stay on all the time.

If you are involved in an accident, you can prove it was not your fault, protect your license and CSA scores, most importantly.

Another good reason to have a dash cam, how many times have you run into an arrogant driver? that has no driving skills whatsoever, There are many irresponsible and reckless drivers on the road including those who thinks its ok to drink and drive or drive under the influence and most of the times if these fools hit you, they are going to run like cowards, third offense drivers under the influence should have to serve a minimum five  years in prison now you have the proof recorded.

While driving your truck, you see things that the average driver does not see because of the higher advantage point, like texting, reading a newspaper or even working on their laptop.

Dash cams are also good for your kids, at a younger age, they have not experienced the challenges that we adults have had on the open road.

Probably one of the most common problems is insurance fraud, which can cause rates to go up even for honest drivers. some people will hit you on purpose just to extort money from you, this is why it is important to have your dash cam always running.

We have partnered with several dash cam providers, in providing you with some of the best dash cams to protect your livelihood and investment.

Consider getting a dash cam from any one of these providers.

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As always drivers, stay safe.