Big Trucking Companies Profits


We have all heard it, the rates are not the same this time of the year because of supply and demand. Believe me this statement is not at all true, this is an excuse for big trucking companies to get more money from your pocket book, Most companies like United Van Lines, North American, Fed- Ex, Wheaton Van Lines, Allied, Wal-Mart, Knights Transportation, Atlas Van Lines have gotten to big for there britches and all decisions made are behind closed doors with out the drivers say so or input. Most moving van lines use to give the drivers the fuel surcharge based on the grand total of the bill and was cut the year 2021 based on the net instead of the grand total reducing the drivers fuel surcharge significantly , now on the other hand if you all a government shipment the fuel surcharge is higher as well as the tariff but on the other hand during the winter time military shipments are discounted higher because again trucking companies try to fool you and say it is all about supply and demand.
Sysco Food service drivers out of Louisville Kentucky are going on strike because of being under paid and being forced to push their limits on hours of service and beyond, most drivers like any other company does not show their true hours while unloading or loading and are told to go off duty or companies behind closed doors go in manually change hours of service.
Does this mean that during covid in 2019 the price of the items on the shelf that there was a big shortage of should be triple in price, of course not.
Trucking Companies have changed over the years taking big profits from the driver.
Ask yourself this,
what percentage are you getting from the load?
Is that percentage based on 100 percent?
Does your company provide you a copy of the billed freight bill as per requirements in The truth and federal leasing laws CFR 376.11.
If your company can not and will not provide this information to you then they are hiding a big sum of your profits
Back in the day drivers were paid percentages and miles based on 100 percent of what they got, today big trucking companies secretly take a percentage off the top, we cannot stress to you enough that before you sign that dotted line make sure your company in compliance with the truth and federal leasing laws, In most case they will not be.
You will have to pay for or rent something upon entering a lease agreement , Eld, Qualcomm, peoples net, their insurance, all these things are in violation of the truth and federal leasing laws.
Truck drivers should get paid big bucks like an airline pilot, there is no such thing when a dispatcher tells you “If you haul this one, the next one will be better” anyone working a regular 9 -5 job is not asked one week to work for less. Truck drivers sometimes haul millions of dollars in one load, they may have a load of liquor, expensive art, heirlooms, you as the consumer put your trust and faith in the truck driver getting from point a to b safely, pay them good as if you would want to get paid.
In 2019 it was reported Wheaton Van Lines earned over 200 million in profits during covid and at some time during the covid19 they also bought out Paul Arpan Van Lines, it has yet been reported if they asked for help from the government during covid such as a PP loan or any other government assist program
United Van Lines which were the number one in profit earnings in 2019
The government should put all these big business on a public list on how much money that was given to them through PP loans, Grants, SBA loans, EID loans You would probably be surprised on how many got loans or a PP loan that did not even need it or in turn got it then bought another company, the trucking business has become very corrupt, Don’t get us wrong you may find a trucking business that is honest and pays their drivers really good but they are becoming harder and harder to find.
Big Business as always had a mindset of taking from the little person, it’s all about feeding their CEO pocketbook and giving themselves a big bonus.
If there are any Trucking companies left in the United States that pay their drivers six figure incomes, we sure would like to hear about them.
Keep in mind to become a truck driver you will spend long times away from your family, deal with ice, snow, winds, road conditions and many trucking companies being dishonest when it
comes to pay, most dispatchers do not care about you only to get the job covered, some may even get a bonus to get it covered, so if you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver, Think twice and most importantly read between the dotted line.
It’s time for change!
Truck strike begins with all of us.
Safe travels.


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