Speed Limiters

This is really a bad idea, who in their right mind came up with such a ludicrous idea?
And who is going to pay for this? Guarantee you it will not be the trucking company>
If passed the driver would ultimately be paying for these changes to be made, whether by contract reduction changes or some other form
We got an idea, how about forcing all cars with implemented speed limiters!
If you force speed limiters on all trucks, you would never be able to pass someone when deemed necessary, some states already have variable speed limits, lets take California for instance, trucks are only allowed to go 55mph while cars can go 65 to 75mph. While most car drivers are inexperienced on road conditions, awareness, the ability to avoid accidents and have a real bad habit of cutting, merging to semis.
Companies should be fighting this law that has been proposed, just imagine if the truck gets rear ended because they were driving to slow, who is the customer going to sue? The trucking company of course, even if it is an owner operator, why? The D.O.T. number on the door belongs to the company in most cases, they are solely responsible and accept full responsibility for who is behind the wheel as they want you to remove identification when leaving a company per leasing laws.
Let’s talk about California again, the land of stupid laws! Say you are going down Truckee into California and you are in the far right lane you go to tap your brakes and they quite working at that moment but wait there’s more, no punt intended, There are 4 to five lanes of traffic, the two left lanes say NO Trucks, are you going to take out two to three lanes worth of cars to exit the runaway ramp that is in the far lane or do you continue going down the hill in the right lane with no brakes?
Any complaints can be filled through the government’s website @ regulations.gov
Do you realize how much power you have whether you are an owner operator or a company driver?
There is always talk about a strike that can be heard from the CB radio.
Truck drivers are not asking to get rich in the industry but are asking for company transparencies between the driver and the company and honesty in the truth and federal leasing laws 376.11 Title 49 C.F.R.
Most changes in the trucking business happen from people that never driven a truck a day in their life, trucks are inspected by the driver each and every morning and at the end of a shift. Do people in cars inspect their personal vehicles each and every day?
Most large companies could careless about there drivers, every change whether it might be contract, tariff, fuel surcharge adjustment’s are made internally without the driver even having a say so, opinion.
It is time for you the truck driver whether you are new or been in the industry for years to step up to the plate and say enough is enough with government regulations and company pay decreases, we hope you voice your opinion, with all of us together we can control the future for better pay and contracts.
Say no to speed limiters.
Say No to cheap freight.